Build With Fab

You now have graduated from attending the MasterClass Sessions, or you may have had a 1-on-1 consultation, now well-informed and ready to get started with your new home with assured success.

Perhaps you just want to cut straight to the chase and combine all the research, design brief, and budget planning into the steps towards commencing the process to build your dream home.

You may have your own set of plans but are unsure of what it may cost, and could benefit from my advocacy, feedback, and value engineering towards a build cost estimate and partnering with the most suitable builder.

When you Build with Fab we can also offer the following services:

Fab Marion Advisory takes care of all the items a typical builder wants to avoid. We provide the ultimate end to end experience.

Here is what to expect when you choose to Build with Fab…

Step 1: Discovering you…

Step 2: Creating Your Vision

Step 3: Ticking the Boxes - Approvals Process

Step 4: Creating the Personality – Interior Design & Pre Start Process

Step 5: Let’s Get Constructed! – The Construction Process