Nola Avenue

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Nola Avenue

The Site

Within walking distance to one of Perth’s most popular beaches, this coastal site presented a narrow 9.4m-wide frontage and a 400sqm footprint.
The block sloped away from the verge by 2.8m, which required an innovative design solution. Meanwhile, a west-facing frontage enabled us to maximise the northern exposure along the long boundary –presenting a great opportunity to take advantage of natural light in this narrow-block home.


Our clients lived in Canada and shared their desire to call Perth home once more.
They connected with us after a failed process and disheartening experience with another outfit, with whom they paid a large sum for a previous set of plans that, when costed, came to 30% over their budget. Understandably, they were cautious and thorough with their due diligence, but ultimately felt secure in proceeding with us. We decided to create two feasibilities for comparison. The first was to present a current estimate for the previous set of plans. The second was for a new set of plans that would meet all their accommodation and lifestyle requirements, while being more suited to their budget. Delighted that they had options, our clients moved forward with their excitement levels reignited!
Nola Avenue
Nola Avenue


On a small site, it’s important to utilise every inch of land. Here, we maximised the width available to us by stretching the design to both boundaries.
This allowed for the creation of a spacious statement entry, featuring architectural floating stairs. Harnessing natural light is a priority in all our designs, and so we leveraged the northern aspect to the long boundary and infiltrated light via an internal courtyard.

An innovative split level ground floor cleverly allows us to take advantage of the site’s slope, while also serving to instill an instant sense of volume throughout the home.

Through diligent design and budget planning, we were able to create the beautiful home our clients desired, to spec and within budget, executed seamlessly while our clients remained overseas.